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Aug 23, 2009 1:30pm EDT
this week's video scrapbook, nicole takes us to visit a part of america that you might not realize is part of america! >> reporter: welcome to the caribbean island of puerto rico. we're in san juan, the capital and largest city. although christopher columbus landed here in 1493, europeans didn't start to settle in puerto rico until 1508. that's when the explorer ponce de leon founded the first settlement. he's the guy who's famous for trying to find the fountain of youth. the san juan cathedral is a favorite stop for tourists. this is where ponce de leon is buried. not only that, but marc anthony got married here to his first wife. puerto rico means "rich port." it was an important stop for spanish ships carrying gold and silver from the new world. and that attracted pirates of the caribbean, as well as european invaders. now, ships of a different kind come here -- puerto rico is a popular port for cruises. in fact, tourism is one of the island's most important industries. to get a taste of san juan's past, all you have to do is just walk around. high on the "must see" list is el m
Aug 8, 2009 1:00pm EDT
is for them. it was great for them. >> could rugby take off in america like soccer has? that's what mark hopes. >> and that's where i think rugby wants to position itself as a participation sport. and if it could do what soccer did after the '94 world cup and the growth in soccer, i think, i don't what the percentage is, but there are a lot of kids playing soccer at an early age. and that's what we'd like to try and replicate with rugby. >> to find out more about play rugby usa and how you can get involved in the program. follow the links at our website, jessica? >> next -- a convention filled with super heroes, dark tales and more. [whistle blowing] visit... >>> german biologists have discovered the oldest species of ant on the planet. they live in the amazon rainforest. their "ant-cesters" date back 120 million years. >> nicole joins us now with a report on a really passionate group of people. nicole? >> jessica, these folks are obsessed with comics. you might say they're "drawn" to a gathering to celebrate their beloved craft. it's early morning in san diego and
Aug 29, 2009 1:00pm EDT
family is inextricably tied to the fabric of america. as teddy realized as he was writing his memoir. and perhaps not inheriting the seat that may not come to pass. in this generation. but look at all those little faces. they have lives yet to be written. >> the freckle-faced children that we remember through the many generations. and today's generation on display. >> military pall bearers, leaving the vehicle now. to paraphrase one of his favorite poetry selections that we heard repeated during the mass, ted kennedy has miles to go before he arrives at his final resting place later today. his body will now be taken to hanscomb air force base in boston and flown to andrews air force base. they'll drive by capitol hill, and they'll stop and be greeted by members of senator kennedy's staff. as you may know, among many things senator kennedy was known for compiling absolutely the best and brightest staff on capitol hill. it grew in size as his power grew. and it has launched so many other famous careers. a current supreme court justice, stephen brier, just one of them. they're going to
Aug 23, 2009 1:00pm EDT
protect kids online. a study by i-safe america shows nearly half of middle-schoolers have been victims of cyber-bullying. nearly half also admit they've been the bully. some kids do it for laughs some kids do it to get a reaction and some kids do it because they're friends were victims and they wanted revenge. created the teenangels to help educate kids about staying safe online. members of this chapter at new york's ursuline school helped younger students identify cyberbullying. greg, a high school student, was changing in the locker room one day after school, when his friend matt took an embarrassing picture of him. within seconds the picture was sent among all the cell phones at the school. even though many kids have been victims of cyberbullying, they don't tell their parents. >> we have found over 60 reasons why kids say they do not want to tell their parents. they are worried they will be considered a tattletale by their friends, they're worried that their parents will get worried and take away their computer. this 6th grader, also named didn't tell her pa
Aug 16, 2009 1:00pm EDT
continuously practice all year round to put on the best show in america right here in d.c. >> because the marine corps grew out of the navy, they often use nautical terms. for example, marines call the parade grounds the "deck." as in a deck on a ship. >> here on parade deck, you don't get tanks, you don't get guns, you don't get whiz-bang lasers or anything like that. you get a marine in dress blues out there, showing the american people what we're all about. and it is about discipline, it is about honor, courage and our commitment to the country. >> battalion. fix bayonets. >> ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the presentation of the colors. >> after the troops have lined up, the color guard makes its entrance. >> what's really fascinating about marine barracks, washington is everything that we stand for in marine corps, for our honor, courage and commitment, our core values, they culminate here on the parade deck at marine barracks. and everyone leaves here with such a smile on their face, it makes this a very, very proud place for us to be as marines. >> it was amazing, definitely
Aug 16, 2009 1:30pm EDT
not america" for, you know, the album. and i didn't realize that it was going to be such a big song. and then we got a call from "idol" saying that they'd like to use it for the hollywood week episode. and i didn't even have to go and meet simon. ♪ >> what's unique or different about your music? >> what's unique or different? i think i'm really honest in the music, and i think that i come from a really real space with my songwriting. ♪ >> how did your love of music begin, and how old were you? >> i was 5. and i was rudolph in our christmas play at school. and i sang this song, and everybody started cheering and going crazy. and i knew from that point on that i totally wanted to have people cheering after i sang all the time. >> one of those cheering him on was his mother. when ferras was 17, she helped him pursue his dreams. they moved to los angeles, from their small town in illinois. he landed a recording contract and connected with a top production team called the matrix. and they went to work on "aliens and rainbows." ♪ >> it was a year and a half of me just kind of going
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6